Fado 4Strings

Fado is, without a doubt, the most internationally recognizable Portuguese musical style. Added recently to UNESCO’s list of World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, it reached international recognition through the vast works of Amália Rodrigues, considered one of the great voices of the 20th century, and whose 100th year we celebrated in 2020.

Our Portugal Conference is an opportunity to share with the ESTA participants a little bit about the musical culture most intrinsic to the Portuguese people and experience both the solo and orchestral practices of said musical genre.

Artur Caldeira is a very experienced guitarist and professor at ESMAE, the Superior School of Music in Porto. As well as being a classical guitarist Artur is also a virtuoso on the Portuguese guitar and he has decades of experience playing with renowned fado singers. He has agreed to join us at Porto 2020 to share his enormous experience and knowledge about Fado, our cultural heritage. If you want to know more about this amazing style of music and play with us in our Fado4strings ensemble.

In this strange times, when we are confined to our homes, we challenge you all to listen and play together “Fado da Madragoa”, one of the most traditional songs of our musical style recently classified as a UNESCO musical heritage.

Artur Caldeira on the viola and Marina Pacheco, working remotely, have already prepared the base for us so that we can all add our own voice by recording one of the lines available and create a great project for the pre-conference Porto 2020 season. 

Do not expect to hear in the recording the familiar sound of a viola from the bowed strings family. In Fado the classical guitar is called a viola, and it is responsible for the whole rhythmic and harmonic base. We reserve the term guitar for the famous Fado instrument “Guitarra Portuguesa” which is in charge of embellishing, in an extremely virtuosic and emotional way, the dramatic texts that characterize Fado. Later, in the editing stage, when we join all of our voices together, Artur with his Portuguese Guitar will add the final layer to our project.

Join in with us! Click on the link below, download the score and your part and send us a recording of your musical impression of this song. If you are a violinist and do not know which part to choose, send the first and second part. The more the merrier! 

Record using headphones, listening to Artur and Marina as you play, this way we avoid interference and feedback. On purpose we don’t include a clicktrack so that you can use the guitar as a rhythmic guide and thus feel a little bit of Fado.

Share this message to all your friends! We have an opportunity this year because of the unique conditions we find ourselves in to make, albeit virtually, the biggest ESTA meeting ever!

Please send your video as an mp4 file indicating of your name, part played and the country you represent to estafado4strings@gmail.com until the 31st of May.

 If you want to know a little more about Fado go to our Youtube channel, subscribe and watch Artur’s Teaser.

Join us in this project!